Support Us

StepUp simply can’t function without the volunteers who give generously of their time, talent and resources.

Our dream is to unlock the potential of over 500,000 deserving kids in the UK and millions more worldwide, breaking the chain of generational poverty. But if we’re going to make that happen, we need a nationwide network of people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Luckily, there are so many ways to help that every willing person can find something to contribute. Below are just a few of the things you can do today to help make StepUp’s mission possible.

We want to make sure that no child leaves this earth without realising his or her dreams. Please help us make it happen.


Financial contributions are hugely important to keeping StepUp running, and we are deeply grateful for every penny given to our mission. But we don’t just mean money — we also run a shop whose proceeds help us keep StepUp in the black, and are always accepting donations of items to sell! Even if you don’t have much wiggle-room in the family budget, you can still help StepUp empower kids, just by donating some of those useful things you’ve stopped putting to use.

Be A Friend

The Friends of StepUp are some of our favorite people! These hardworking bands of volunteers give up their time to put on fund-raising events all year round. They’re people from all walks of life working together to cover the costs of a centre. Would you like to be a Friend of StepUp?

Community Support

Giving back is a great bonding experience for clubs and other groups. Even if you can’t become an official Friend of StepUp, you and your organisation can run a one-time fundraiser. Contact Us if you have an idea you want to put into action!

Corporate Support

Businesses are in a uniquely powerful position to support our dream. Corporations can provide much-needed training, equipment and financial donations to make StepUp even more effective. Do you have a company with something to give?

Shop With Us

Get the things you need, and support StepUp at the same time! We carry everything from clothes and books to furniture and housewares. Check it out here!


Every adult, just like every child, has something unique and valuable to give. We guarantee we can find somewhere to use your skills — be it in our centres, administration, fund-raising, or in another position. If you have some free time and the desire to help disadvantaged kids of all ages, please volunteer! You could support an event any time of the year – check our Calendar of Events to find an upcoming event near you.

You can also keep up-to-date with StepUp through your favorite social networking sites! We’re on Twitter and Facebook, plus we have our own News Blog. Thanks for staying informed about StepUp, and supporting us in helping kids realize their potential.