At StepUp, we are passionate about our children’s personal development, whatever their age or ability, our programmes will help our children:

  • Nurture awareness, belief and self confidence
  • Improve concentration, discipline and commitment
  • Master skills in Maths, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Logic and Creation
  • Develop, awareness, responsibility and lasting success

7-Step Methodology

Step 1       StepUp, Believe and Succeed
Step 2         Success from the Start
Step 3        StepUp One Step at a Time
Step 4        Little and Often
Step 5        Mastery – Speed & Accuracy
Step 6        Self Learning Approach
Step 7        Home Learning

Step 1 – StepUp, Believe and Succeed
StepUp believe every child has limitless potential given the right nurturing, enrichment, support and environment. Our learning methodology helps children unlock their true potential

Step 2 – Success from the Start
As every child is unique and individual we will begin at a level they are comfortable with, and determined by an initial assessment. By completing ‘right level’ workbooks in the initial stages of study our children will quickly believe in themselves, celebrate self and succeed from the very start, building confidence from a solid foundation

Step 3 – StepUp One Step at a Time
From the ‘right level’ starting point our children progress steadily, completing a short piece of work every day. They will study at their own pace, and at each stage work will be tailored to their individual needs. Every new assignment will be slightly more challenging than the last, and with these gradual steps, our children will be able to acquire and master the study skills and approach they need to unlock their true potential.

Step 4 – Little and Often
To get the most out of our approach and to advance steadily through the programme, our children will do a little piece of work every day. By studying regularly at their ‘right level’, our children will progress whilst developing key self-study skills

Step 5 – Mastery – Speed & Accuracy
Through our focused and directed approach, our children will learn to master each topic. They will need to complete their work with a certain degree of speed and accuracy before they can move on to the next level. This not only builds a growing sense of achievement, but also enables our children to tackle more challenging work with greater confidence.

Step 6 – Self-Learning Approach
Securing a better future for our children means fostering the knowledge and skills they need for school as well as adult life. Each new piece of work builds steadily on abilities acquired earlier, encouraging our children to take responsibility for their learning. By operating a self learning approach, they will be able to develop as learners and achieve their true potential.

Step 7 – Home Learning
Parents / Guardians will need to mark and grade their child’s work on the days they study at home. This input is vital to the success of the child’s study, and will mean they learn from their corrections daily. Praise and encouragement are invaluable – so not forgetting to recognise our child’s efforts and the progress they are making. For children who have no access to a learning centre workbooks can be downloaded and printed additionally the workbook generator can be used for practice papers.