About StepUp

About StepUp

The goal of true education is to develop intelligence plus values

In 2011 we launched by offering math’s and critical thinking learning concepts empowering disadvantaged kids between the ages of 4 – 13. Supplementary education was only available to the more fortunate, so we had a mission to unlock the potential in all of our kids.

By 2013 our math’s learning concepts were being used locally in countries including Burundi, Liberia, Niger, Ghana, Malawi, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Palestine, China, UK, Germany, France and the US.

In 2014, Our provision to cover enrichment and mentoring programmes, developing intelligence plus values in our kids is a partner programme that we operate, tailored from country to country. We are also planning to broaden the current age groups with three programmes;

StepUp Lifelong Programmes:

Developing strong ‘Values and Character’, Consciousness, Responsibility, Honesty, Respect, Resilience, Empathy, Gratitude, Temperance, Giving, Optimism, Curiosity, Courage, Compassion and Fairness.

0 – 36 Months( Mother & Baby )

Reaching mothers is critical if we are to help shape children before they enter the school environment

3 – 16 Years( StepUp Learning & Mentoring )

Reaching children through our math’s, critical thinking and enrichment / mentoring concepts, with after school, weekend and summer camp programmes

16 – 26 Years( StepUp Peace Corps )

Reaching our youth in promoting a better consciousness and awareness on their part with our 27 month Stepup Peace Corp programmes in developing countries

Intelligence + Values impacts behaviour, relationships, learning environment, personal wellbeing and attitudes to learning and learning diligence which lead to improvements in academic attainment.

Studies find that Intelligence + Values improves student and teacher wellbeing, academic diligence, the teaching and learning environment, student-teacher relationships and partial parental and family participation. An application of I+V called “Family Values” has achieved significantly improved parental and family participation.

Head Teachers report that students gain self-esteem and self-worth, their behaviour improves, they become more willing to get involved with decision making, they become more engaged with the school and they learn better self-control through thinking more intelligently. Relationships improve, with people in the school valuing each other more universally, students gaining a better understanding of themselves and the world around them, and reduced friction amongst pupils, and between pupils and teachers. In general, the school becomes a more pleasant place to work and learn; and there is a noticeable reduction in stress, anxiety and pressures on mental health for teachers and students.

StepUp Learning Programmes (Ages 4 – 13) has a mission to give every child the skills they need to succeed for themselves, ‘Intelligence with Values’. We’ve developed a workbook learning system that helps them master core concepts in five areas: Maths, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Logic and Creation. In practising these concepts daily and increasing difficulty one step at a time, children discover belief in their abilities, develop self-confidence, gain strong values and character, and gain the study skills that will help them far exceed expectations.

Over half a million children in the UK, and millions worldwide can’t reach their true potential because of their parents’ financial situations. The goal of StepUp is to change that. We want to reach as many children as possible with our downloadable workbook programmes and interactive learning materials. By providing these materials free of charge, we hope to empower communities and children all over the world to create their own success.

The name “StepUp” comes from the Japanese concept of kaizen, meaning continuous improvement. It’s the mindset in which we constantly look for ways to better our world and our work, building each new improvement on the last. We teach kaizen through five major principles: Motivation, Application, Dedication, Focus and Integrity. These principles are one of the most important lessons a StepUp child learns. While we can give them the right environment, a child can only truly succeed if they choose of their own free will to do so. Learning these principles early gives them the best possible chance of success.

It’s for this reason that we also strive to teach each StepUp child strong values and the three characteristics of successful contributing members: Awareness of their community, global and local; Responsibility for the consequences of their actions; and Honesty.

No matter what the age or ability, we will help all our children improve their concentration, master building-block concepts, and unlock their true potential